A discussion with an AI, on AI’s pros & cons in PR

The recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in daily discussion, fuelled particularly by the easy usage of ChatGPT by the public, has created a plethora of opinions and approaches on the ways AI will impact everyday life, in the fields of health, education, entrepreneurship and many more. Some of these opinions touch on the verge of “doomsday” discussion, others talk about the benefits humankind will experience by the presence of AI in everyday life. Calls for strict regulations to be put in motion, are also prevalent.

In PR and Communications, AI will no doubt be a constant factor going forward. The needs of PR firms to generate and promote content to the correct audiences, monitor and maximize the impact of their campaigns, are steps AI can and will (is) able to assist.

Going deeper into the benefits and challenges AI poses to Public Relations, a must-read article by Greg Matusky, founder and CEO of Gregory FCA, featured on Forbes, titled “How AI Will Forever Change The Face Of Corporate Communications And PR”. He touches the emergence of AI, not as just a party trick for writing blog posts at the quality of the average human being, but as the missing link in the long-overdue tech enablement of the entire communications workflow.

Opinions on the pros and cons of AI in the field of Public Relations and Communications, can be found in various sources online, in an on-going discussion that only time will tell of its outcome.

But what about the opinion of the party most involved in the discussion -Artificial Intelligence? I straight forward asked ChatGPT, which will the benefits of AI be for PR and which are potential problems. The process, simple -if the servers are in capacity-, just write a question, press “enter” and the AI will immediately come back to you, with a structured reply.

After exchanging greetings, I asked ChatGPT to create a four-paragraph article on how AI will benefit the field of Public Relations and Communications. The reply came immediately, with the bold words my addition:

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize the field of public relations (PR) and communications. As PR professionals face increasing pressure to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies, AI has the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of many tasks and processes in the industry.

One of the main ways that AI will benefit the field of PR and communications is by automating routine tasks. For example, chatbots can be used to answer common questions from customers or stakeholders, freeing up PR professionals to focus on more strategic and creative work. In addition, AI can help automate media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and other data-driven tasks that are essential to effective PR.

Another key benefit of AI in PR and communications is the ability to analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately. With AI, PR professionals can identify patterns and trends in media coverage, social media conversations, and other sources of information, helping them to make more informed decisions about messaging and strategy. This can be particularly valuable in crisis communications, where real-time analysis of social media can help identify emerging issues and allow PR teams to respond quickly and effectively.

Finally, AI can also help PR professionals to create more personalized and engaging communications. For example, AI-powered content recommendations can help PR teams to identify the most relevant and effective content to share with different audiences. In addition, AI can be used to create more personalized messaging and advertising based on user data and preferences.

In conclusion, AI has the potential to be a game-changer in the field of PR and communications. By automating routine tasks, analyzing large amounts of data, and creating more personalized and engaging communications, AI can help PR professionals to work more efficiently and effectively, while also improving the overall quality and impact of their work. As AI continues to evolve and become more advanced, it is likely that we will see even more exciting developments and innovations in this space in the years to come.”

All good, right? Perhaps. But I wanted to also have AI’s opinion on the dangers… AI may pose. “Explain how AI may create problems for the field of Public Relations and Communications”, was my follow up question. ChatGPT didn’t miss a beat:

“While AI offers many potential benefits to the field of public relations (PR) and communications, it also has the potential to create a number of challenges and problems. Here are some ways that AI may create problems for PR and communications:

Misinterpretation of data: AI is only as effective as the data that it's trained on, and it's possible for data sets to be biased or incomplete. This could lead to misinterpretation of data and potentially incorrect or misleading conclusions being drawn. This is especially concerning when it comes to sentiment analysis, where AI may not always accurately capture the tone or context of a message.

Over-reliance on AI: While AI can help automate routine tasks and streamline processes, there is a risk that PR professionals may become over-reliant on AI, and neglect other important aspects of their work. For example, in crisis communications, it's essential to have human judgement and decision-making to determine the appropriate response.

Lack of personalization: While AI can help to create more personalized messaging, there is a risk that this could lead to a lack of authenticity and individuality. If all communications are generated by AI algorithms, it could be difficult to create a unique brand voice and connect with audiences on a personal level.

Loss of privacy: AI relies on data to function, and it's possible that the use of AI in PR and communications could lead to a loss of privacy for individuals. For example, chatbots may collect personal data from customers, and there may be concerns about how this data is used and protected.

In conclusion, while AI has the potential to revolutionize the field of PR and communications, it's important to be aware of the potential risks and challenges that come with it. PR professionals need to be thoughtful and strategic in their use of AI, and make sure to balance the benefits with the potential risks and drawbacks. By doing so, PR professionals can harness the power of AI while also staying true to the principles and values of the industry.”.

A discussion with an AI is surreal, at least for now when this technology is still in its infancy. It’s not doubt, an exciting prospect ahead of us, but also one in need of caution, like the AI itself noted to me. Our role will be to monitor the discussion and utilize tools which will benefit our trade, just like with every invention that preceded, years and decades before.

By Erodotos Miltiadous, PR Manager, Purpose Communications