Purpose Communications announces official launch

New purpose-led communications agency drives business growth by empowering clients to benefit from the shifting market demand for companies who make a positive impact

Independent communications consultancy firm Purpose Communications has officially launched operations from its base in Cyprus. With an extensive network of international affiliates across the globe, the firm is the outcome of a partnership between industry expert Dimitris Ioannides, and one of the leading full-service agencies in Cyprus, DeLeMa Communication. Together they aim to apply their extensive and collective global industry experience and multinational expertise to help companies discover, position and share their purpose in an authentic way that achieves real measurable results.

In today’s ever-changing market, consumers want more from the brands they support.  Providing a great product or service is no longer enough. Instead, audiences want to know a company’s responsibility towards its people, the community, and the environment. They want to know what a business stands for. This is where Purpose Communications comes in. Created to strategically meet the needs of businesses ready to respond to this new consumer demand, the agency fills a gap in the market for purpose-driven communications that will shape the most important conversations of our day.

“In our work studying and advising organisations over the past decades, we have reviewed hundreds of ‘purpose’ and mission statements,” said Dimitris Ioannides, Founder and CEO of Purpose Communications. “However, the vast majority of these companies practice what we call convenient purpose: They talk about purpose, but act on it only in superficial ways. We firmly believe that companies that stand by their values and match their words with actions are perceived as more reliable, credible, and, ultimately, relevant.  This, in turn, helps achieve real business results.”

“We decided to team up with Dimitris Ioannides in the creation of Purpose Communications, as today’s consumer needs and expectations have changed. They expect the brands they choose to be responsible. ESG is not just a buzzword, but something brands need to work on and believe in”, said Despo Lefkariti, Managing Director of DeLeMa and Director of Purpose Communications.

As thought leaders and industry experts, Purpose Communications offers an intimate and strategic approach to purpose-driven communications, that defines a brand’s purpose and embeds it into the business strategy to drive growth and make a positive impact. With Purpose Communications on their team, organisations will be inspired to re-evaluate their role in the greater social system and start those impactful conversations, enhancing brand reputation amongst target audiences through the effective communication of genuine actions and commitments.

The agency’s multi-talented team offer a variety of bespoke services, including Corporate Reputation & Brand Purpose, Executive Profiling & Thought Leadership, ESG & Sustainability, Strategic Media Relations, Multi-platform brand storytelling & messaging, Advocacy & Campaigning, Stakeholder engagement, Specialised Events, Insight & Analysis. Customised to fit each client’s particular set of needs, these services put businesses front and centre in shaping the most important conversations of today, making real impact through purpose.