Purpose Communications launches first cycle of Purpose Academy

Purpose Communications is pleased to announce the selection of three Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for the first cycle of training in the Purpose Academy program. The selected organizations are “Birth Forward Cyprus”, “Youth for Exchange and Understanding”, and “Agkalia Elpidas - Pancyprian Organization of parents and friends of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities”. Through an assessment process, these CSOs have been chosen to receive training in the fields of strategic communications and enhancing their public image.

The overwhelming response to Purpose Communications' invitation to participate in the Purpose Academy underscores the pressing need to support CSOs in addressing strategic communication challenges and enhancing the skills of their employees and volunteers. This initiative aims to equip them with the necessary tools to plan and execute communication strategies that effectively promote their causes. The assessment process considered various criteria, including the number of volunteers/employees involved and the specific needs outlined in each CSO's application. Emphasis was placed on selecting organizations operating in different fields. The training program will be delivered by Purpose Communications' experts, alongside other professionals in the field of Public Relations and Communications, who have generously offered their knowledge and expertise on a pro bono basis for the benefit of the selected CSOs.

Dimitris Ioannides, the CEO of Purpose Communications, expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to the work of civil society through the agency’s knowledge and expertise. He emphasized the significance of the Purpose Academy in supporting CSOs by empowering their public presence and amplifying their voices. The high number of applications received further underscores the importance of the academy's mission.

The first cycle of the Purpose Academy program for 2023 will span six months. It will feature workshops led by Purpose Communications' experts and personalized one-on-one meetings with each CSO. Participants will attend one workshop per month, covering a wide range of topics including Public Relations, Writing/Storytelling, Media Relations Development, Digital Communications, Advocacy and stakeholder relations, and more.