Celebrating the successful conclusion of the inaugural “Purpose Academy” Programme

Purpose Communications is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the first cycle of its Purpose Academy programme. This initiative, launched in 2023, aimed to empower charitable and non-profit organizations in Cyprus, providing them with the tools and knowledge to communicate their causes effectively and leave a lasting impact on society. 

Over a six-month period, Purpose Communications, in collaboration with a team of distinguished Public Relations and Communications experts, offered pro-bono workshops and personalized mentoring sessions. The programme was meticulously designed to assist selected non-profit organizations in overcoming communication challenges, enabling them to effectively share their stories and engage with their audiences. 

The call for participation was met with an enthusiastic response, highlighting a significant demand for such support within the non-profit sector. Three organizations were selected to partake in the inaugural programme: “Birth Forward Cyprus,” “Youth for Exchange and Understanding,” and “Agkalia Elpidas - Pancyprian Organization of parents and friends of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.” These organizations received training on a wide array of topics, from crafting effective communication strategies and storytelling to media relations, digital communications, advocacy, and campaign design.

 Commenting on the success of the initiative, Dimitris Ioannides, CEO of Purpose Communications, stated: “We are incredibly proud of the inaugural Purpose Academy programme's impact on the participating non- profit organizations. At Purpose Communications, we are committed to empowering these organizations to amplify their voices and drive positive change. The success of this programme underscores our dedication to this cause.”

The impact of the Purpose Academy programme on its participants is vividly encapsulated in the testimonials from the selected NGOs. “Agkalia Elpidas” voiced their heartfelt appreciation for the profound knowledge and inspiration received, underscoring how the programme illuminated the significance of effective communication and campaign crafting. Similarly, “Youth for Exchange and Understanding” highlighted the invaluable insights and strategic guidance gained, marking the experience as a cornerstone for their future endeavors. “Birth Forward Cyprus” shared their enthusiasm for the engaging and immersive learning opportunities provided, particularly valuing the comprehensive workshops that have sparked eager anticipation for further exploration in the next series of the programme. 

Looking ahead, Purpose Communications is excited to announce that the second circle of the Purpose Academy will be launched soon, with details to be shared via the agency’s social media platforms. This next series will welcome three new NGOs to participate in workshops covering a range of pivotal topics, including crafting effective communications strategies, writing/storytelling, media relations, digital communications, advocacy, and designing successful campaigns.